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The Text of the Dodd-Frank Act
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Dodd Frank Act Section 1. Short title; table of contents.

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 2. Definitions.

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 3. Severability.

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 4. Effective date.

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 5. Budgetary effects.

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 6. Antitrust savings clause.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 101. Short title.

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 102. Definitions.

Subtitle A—Financial Stability Oversight Council

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 111. Financial Stability Oversight Council established.

Sec. 112. Council authority.

Sec. 113. Authority to require supervision and regulation of certain nonbank financial companies.

Sec. 114. Registration of nonbank financial companies supervised by the Board of Governors.

Sec. 115. Enhanced supervision and prudential standards for nonbank financial companies supervised by the Board of Governors and certain bank holding companies.

Sec. 116. Reports.

Sec. 117. Treatment of certain companies that cease to be bank holding companies.

Sec. 118. Council funding.

Sec. 119. Resolution of supervisory jurisdictional disputes among member agencies.

Sec. 120. Additional standards applicable to activities or practices for financial stability purposes.

Sec. 121. Mitigation of risks to financial stability.

Sec. 122. GAO Audit of Council.

Sec. 123. Study of the effects of size and complexity of financial institutions on capital market efficiency and economic growth.

Subtitle B—Office of Financial Research

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 151. Definitions.

Sec. 152. Office of Financial Research established.

Sec. 153. Purpose and duties of the Office.

Sec. 154. Organizational structure; responsibilities of primary programmatic units.

Sec. 155. Funding.

Sec. 156. Transition oversight.

Subtitle C—Additional Board of Governors Authority for Certain Nonbank Financial Companies and Bank Holding Companies

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 161. Reports by and examinations of nonbank financial companies by the Board of Governors.

Sec. 162. Enforcement.

Sec. 163. Acquisitions.

Sec. 164. Prohibition against management interlocks between certain financial companies.

Sec. 165. Enhanced supervision and prudential standards for nonbank financial companies supervised by the Board of Governors and certain bank holding companies.

Sec. 166. Early remediation requirements.

Sec. 167. Affiliations.

Sec. 168. Regulations.

Sec. 169. Avoiding duplication.

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 170. Safe harbor.

Sec. 171. Leverage and risk-based capital requirements.

Sec. 172. Examination and enforcement actions for insurance and orderly liquidation purposes.

Sec. 173. Access to United States financial market by foreign institutions.

Sec. 174. Studies and reports on holding company capital requirements.

Sec. 175. International policy coordination.

Sec. 176. Rule of construction.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 201. Definitions.

Sec. 202. Judicial review.

Sec. 203. Systemic risk determination.

Sec. 204. Orderly liquidation of covered financial companies.

Sec. 205. Orderly liquidation of covered brokers and dealers.

Sec. 206. Mandatory terms and conditions for all orderly liquidation actions.

Sec. 207. Directors not liable for acquiescing in appointment of receiver.

Sec. 208. Dismissal and exclusion of other actions.

Sec. 209. Rulemaking; non-conflicting law.

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 210. Powers and duties of the Corporation.

Sec. 211. Miscellaneous provisions.

Sec. 212. Prohibition of circumvention and prevention of conflicts of interest.

Sec. 213. Ban on certain activities by senior executives and directors.

Sec. 214. Prohibition on taxpayer funding.

Sec. 215. Study on secured creditor haircuts.

Sec. 216. Study on bankruptcy process for financial and nonbank financial institutions

Sec. 217. Study on international coordination relating to bankruptcy process for nonbank financial institutions


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 300. Short title.

Sec. 301. Purposes.

Sec. 302. Definition.

Subtitle A—Transfer of Powers and Duties

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 311. Transfer date.

Sec. 312. Powers and duties transferred.

Sec. 313. Abolishment.

Sec. 314. Amendments to the Revised Statutes.

Sec. 315. Federal information policy.

Sec. 316. Savings provisions.

Sec. 317. References in Federal law to Federal banking agencies.

Sec. 318. Funding.

Sec. 319. Contracting and leasing authority.

Subtitle B—Transitional Provisions

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 321. Interim use of funds, personnel, and property of the Office of Thrift Supervision.

Sec. 322. Transfer of employees.

Sec. 323. Property transferred.

Sec. 324. Funds transferred.

Sec. 325. Disposition of affairs.

Sec. 326. Continuation of services.

Sec. 327. Implementation plan and reports.

Subtitle C—Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 331. Deposit insurance reforms.

Sec. 332. Elimination of procyclical assessments.

Sec. 333. Enhanced access to information for deposit insurance purposes.

Sec. 334. Transition reserve ratio requirements to reflect new assessment base.

Sec. 335. Permanent increase in deposit and share insurance.

Sec. 336. Management of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Subtitle D—Other Matters

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 341. Branching.

Sec. 342. Office of Minority and Women Inclusion.

Sec. 343. Insurance of transaction accounts.

Subtitle E—Technical and Conforming Amendments

Sec. 351. Effective date.

Sec. 352. Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.

Sec. 353. Bank Enterprise Act of 1991.

Sec. 354. Bank Holding Company Act of 1956.

Sec. 355. Bank Holding Company Act Amendments of 1970.

Sec. 356. Bank Protection Act of 1968.

Sec. 357. Bank Service Company Act.

Sec. 358. Community Reinvestment Act of 1977.

Sec. 359. Crime Control Act of 1990.

Sec. 360. Depository Institution Management Interlocks Act.

Sec. 361. Emergency Homeowners’ Relief Act.

Sec. 362. Federal Credit Union Act.

Sec. 363. Federal Deposit Insurance Act.

Sec. 364. Federal Home Loan Bank Act.

Sec. 365. Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act of 1992.

Sec. 366. Federal Reserve Act.

Sec. 367. Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989.

Sec. 368. Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973.

Sec. 369. Home Owners’ Loan Act.

Sec. 370. Housing Act of 1948.

Sec. 371. Housing and Community Development Act of 1992.

Sec. 372. Housing and Urban-Rural Recovery Act of 1983.

Sec. 373. National Housing Act.

Sec. 374. Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation Act.

Sec. 375. Public Law 93–100.

Sec. 376. Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Sec. 377. Title 18, United States Code.

Sec. 378. Title 31, United States Code.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 401. Short title.

Sec. 402. Definitions.

Sec. 403. Elimination of private adviser exemption; limited exemption for foreign private advisers; limited intrastate exemption.

Sec. 404. Collection of systemic risk data; reports; examinations; disclosures.

Sec. 405. Disclosure provision amendment.

Sec. 406. Clarification of rulemaking authority.

Sec. 407. Exemption of venture capital fund advisers.

Sec. 408. Exemption of and record keeping by private equity fund advisers.

Sec. 409. Family offices.

Sec. 410. State and Federal responsibilities; asset threshold for Federal registration of investment advisers.

Sec. 411. Custody of client assets.

Sec. 413. Adjusting the accredited investor standard.

Sec. 415. GAO study and report on accredited investors.

Sec. 416. GAO study on self-regulatory organization for private funds.

Sec. 417. Commission study and report on short selling.

Sec. 419. Transition period. 


Subtitle A—Office of National Insurance

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 501. Short title.

Sec. 502. Federal Insurance Office.

Subtitle B—State-Based Insurance Reform

Sec. 511. Short title.

Sec. 512. Effective date.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 521. Reporting, payment, and allocation of premium taxes.

Sec. 522. Regulation of nonadmitted insurance by insured’s home State.

Sec. 523. Participation in national producer database.

Sec. 524. Uniform standards for surplus lines eligibility.

Sec. 525. Streamlined application for commercial purchasers.

Sec. 526. GAO study of nonadmitted insurance market.

Sec. 527. Definitions.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 531. Regulation of credit for reinsurance and reinsurance agreements.

Sec. 532. Regulation of reinsurer solvency.

Sec. 533. Definitions.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 541. Rule of construction.

Sec. 542. Severability.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 601. Short title.

Sec. 602. Definition.

Sec. 603. Moratorium and study on treatment of credit card banks, industrial loan companies, and certain other companies under the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956.

Sec. 604. Reports and examinations of holding companies; regulation of functionally regulated subsidiaries.

Sec. 605. Assuring consistent oversight of permissible activities of depository institution subsidiaries of holding companies.

Sec. 606. Requirements for financial holding companies to remain well capitalized and well managed.

Sec. 607. Standards for interstate acquisitions.

Sec. 608. Enhancing existing restrictions on bank transactions with affiliates.

Sec. 609. Eliminating exceptions for transactions with financial subsidiaries.

Sec. 610. Lending limits applicable to credit exposure on derivative transactions, repurchase agreements, reverse repurchase agreements, and securities lending and borrowing transactions.

Sec. 611. Consistent treatment of derivative transactions in lending limits.

Sec. 612. Restriction on conversions of troubled banks.

Sec. 613. De novo branching into States.

Sec. 614. Lending limits to insiders.

Sec. 615. Limitations on purchases of assets from insiders.

Sec. 616. Regulations regarding capital levels.

Sec. 617. Elimination of elective investment bank holding company framework.

Sec. 618. Securities holding companies.

Sec. 619. Prohibitions on proprietary trading and certain relationships with hedge funds and private equity funds.

Sec. 620. Study of bank investment activities.

Sec. 621. Conflicts of interest.

Sec. 622. Concentration limits on large financial firms.

Sec. 623. Interstate merger transactions.

Sec. 624. Qualified thrift lenders.

Sec. 625. Treatment of dividends by certain mutual holding companies.

Sec. 626. Intermediate holding companies.

Sec. 627. Interest-bearing transaction accounts authorized.

Sec. 628. Credit card bank small business lending.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 701. Short title.

Subtitle A—Regulation of Over-the-Counter Swaps Markets


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 711. Definitions.

Sec. 712. Review of regulatory authority.

Sec. 713. Portfolio margining conforming changes.

Sec. 714. Abusive swaps.

Sec. 715. Authority to prohibit participation in swap activities.

Sec. 716. Prohibition against Federal Government bailouts of swaps entities.

Sec. 717. New product approval CFTC—SEC process.

Sec. 718. Determining status of novel derivative products.

Sec. 719. Studies.

Sec. 720. Memorandum.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 721. Definitions.

Sec. 722. Jurisdiction.

Sec. 723. Clearing.

Sec. 724. Swaps; segregation and bankruptcy treatment.

Sec. 725. Derivatives clearing organizations.

Sec. 726. Rulemaking on conflict of interest.

Sec. 727. Public reporting of swap transaction data.

Sec. 728. Swap data repositories.

Sec. 729. Reporting and recordkeeping.

Sec. 730. Large swap trader reporting.

Sec. 731. Registration and regulation of swap dealers and major swap participants.

Sec. 732. Conflicts of interest.

Sec. 733. Swap execution facilities.

Sec. 734. Derivatives transaction execution facilities and exempt boards of trade.

Sec. 735. Designated contract markets.

Sec. 736. Margin.

Sec. 737. Position limits.

Sec. 738. Foreign boards of trade.

Sec. 739. Legal certainty for swaps.

Sec. 740. Multilateral clearing organizations.

Sec. 741. Enforcement.

Sec. 742. Retail commodity transactions.

Sec. 743. Other authority.

Sec. 744. Restitution remedies.

Sec. 745. Enhanced compliance by registered entities.

Sec. 746. Insider trading.

Sec. 747. Antidisruptive practices authority.

Sec. 748. Commodity whistleblower incentives and protection.

Sec. 749. Conforming amendments.

Sec. 750. Study on oversight of carbon markets.

Sec. 751. Energy and environmental markets advisory committee.

Sec. 752. International harmonization.

Sec. 753. Anti-manipulation authority.

Sec. 754. Effective date.

Subtitle B—Regulation of Security-Based Swap Markets

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 761. Definitions under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Sec. 762. Repeal of prohibition on regulation of security-based swap agreements.

Sec. 763. Amendments to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Sec. 764. Registration and regulation of security-based swap dealers and major security-based swap participants.

Sec. 765. Rulemaking on conflict of interest.

Sec. 766. Reporting and recordkeeping.

Sec. 767. State gaming and bucket shop laws.

Sec. 768. Amendments to the Securities Act of 1933; treatment of security-based swaps.

Sec. 769. Definitions under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

Sec. 770. Definitions under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

Sec. 771. Other authority.

Sec. 772. Jurisdiction.

Sec. 773. Civil penalties.

Sec. 774. Effective date.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 801. Short title.

Sec. 802. Findings and purposes.

Sec. 803. Definitions.

Sec. 804. Designation of systemic importance.

Sec. 805. Standards for systemically important financial market utilities and payment,clearing, or settlement activities.

Sec. 806. Operations of designated financial market utilities.

Sec. 807. Examination of and enforcement actions against designated financial market utilities.

Sec. 808. Examination of and enforcement actions against financial institutions subject to standards for designated activities.

Sec. 809. Requests for information, reports, or records.

Sec. 810. Rulemaking.

Sec. 811. Other authority.

Sec. 812. Consultation.

Sec. 813. Common framework for designated clearing entity risk management.

Sec. 814. Effective date.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 901. Short title.

Subtitle A—Increasing Investor Protection

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 911. Investor Advisory Committee established.

Sec. 912. Clarification of authority of the Commission to engage in investor testing.

Sec. 913. Study and rulemaking regarding obligations of brokers, dealers, and investment advisers.

Sec. 914. Study on enhancing investment adviser examinations.

Sec. 915. Office of the Investor Advocate.

Sec. 916. Streamlining of filing procedures for self-regulatory organizations.

Sec. 917. Study regarding financial literacy among investors.

Sec. 918. Study regarding mutual fund advertising.

Sec. 919. Clarification of Commission authority to require investor disclosures before purchase of investment products and services.

Sec. 919A. Study on conflicts of interest.

Sec. 919B. Study on improved investor access to information on investment advisers and broker-dealers.

Sec. 919C. Study on financial planners and the use of financial designations.

Sec. 919D. Ombudsman.

Subtitle B—Increasing Regulatory Enforcement and Remedies

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 921. Authority to restrict mandatory pre-dispute arbitration.

Sec. 922. Whistleblower protection.

Sec. 923. Conforming amendments for whistleblower protection.

Sec. 924. Implementation and transition provisions for whistleblower protection.

Sec. 925. Collateral bars.

Sec. 926. Disqualifying felons and other ‘‘bad actors’’ from Regulation D offerings.

Sec. 927. Equal treatment of self-regulatory organization rules.

Sec. 928. Clarification that section 205 of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 does not apply to State-registered advisers.

Sec. 929. Unlawful margin lending.

Sec. 929A. Protection for employees of subsidiaries and affiliates of publicly traded companies.

Sec. 929B. Fair Fund amendments.

Sec. 929C. Increasing the borrowing limit on Treasury loans.

Sec. 929D. Lost and stolen securities.

Sec. 929E. Nationwide service of subpoenas.

Sec. 929F. Formerly associated persons.

Sec. 929G. Streamlined hiring authority for market specialists.

Sec. 929H. SIPC Reforms.

Sec. 929I. Protecting confidentiality of materials submitted to the Commission.

Sec. 929J. Expansion of audit information to be produced and exchanged.

Sec. 929K. Sharing privileged information with other authorities.

Sec. 929L. Enhanced application of antifraud provisions.

Sec. 929M. Aiding and abetting authority under the Securities Act and the Investment Company Act.

Sec. 929N. Authority to impose penalties for aiding and abetting violations of the Investment Advisers Act.

Sec. 929O. Aiding and abetting standard of knowledge satisfied by recklessness.

Sec. 929P. Strengthening enforcement by the Commission.

Sec. 929Q. Revision to recordkeeping rule.

Sec. 929R. Beneficial ownership and short-swing profit reporting.

Sec. 929S. Fingerprinting.

Sec. 929T. Equal treatment of self-regulatory organization rules.

Sec. 929U. Deadline for completing examinations, inspections and enforcement actions.

Sec. 929V. Security Investor Protection Act amendments.

Sec. 929W. Notice to missing security holders.

Sec. 929X. Short sale reforms.

Sec. 929Y. Study on extraterritorial private rights of action.

Sec. 929Z. GAO study on securities litigation.

Subtitle C—Improvements to the Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies

Sec. 931. Findings.

Sec. 932. Enhanced regulation, accountability, and transparency of nationally recognized statistical rating organizations.

Sec. 933. State of mind in private actions.

Sec. 934. Referring tips to law enforcement or regulatory authorities.

Sec. 935. Consideration of information from sources other than the issuer in rating decisions.

Sec. 936. Qualification standards for credit rating analysts.

Sec. 937. Timing of regulations.

Sec. 938. Universal ratings symbols.

Sec. 939. Removal of statutory references to credit ratings.

Sec. 939A. Review of reliance on ratings.

Sec. 939B. Elimination of exemption from fair disclosure rule.

Sec. 939C. Securities and Exchange Commission study on strengthening credit rating agency independence.

Sec. 939D. Government Accountability Office study on alternative business models.

Sec. 939E. Government Accountability Office study on the creation of an independent professional analyst organization.

Sec. 939F. Study and rulemaking on assigned credit ratings.

Sec. 939G. Effect of Rule 436(g).

Sec. 939H. Sense of Congress.

Subtitle D—Improvements to the Asset-Backed Securitization Process

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 941. Regulation of credit risk retention.

Sec. 942. Disclosures and reporting for asset-backed securities.

Sec. 943. Representations and warranties in asset-backed offerings.

Sec. 944. Exempted transactions under the Securities Act of 1933.

Sec. 945. Due diligence analysis and disclosure in asset-backed securities issues.

Sec. 946. Study on the macroeconomic effects of risk retention requirements.

Subtitle E—Accountability and Executive Compensation

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 951. Shareholder vote on executive compensation disclosures.

Sec. 952. Compensation committee independence.

Sec. 953. Executive compensation disclosures.

Sec. 954. Recovery of erroneously awarded compensation.

Sec. 955. Disclosure regarding employee and director hedging.

Sec. 956. Enhanced compensation structure reporting.

Sec. 957. Voting by brokers.

Subtitle F—Improvements to the Management of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 961. Report and certification of internal supervisory controls.

Sec. 962. Triennial report on personnel management.

Sec. 963. Annual financial controls audit.

Sec. 964. Report on oversight of national securities associations.

Sec. 965. Compliance examiners.

Sec. 966. Suggestion program for employees of the Commission.

Sec. 967. Commission organizational study and reform.

Sec. 968. Study on SEC revolving door.

Subtitle G—Strengthening Corporate Governance

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 971. Proxy access.

Sec. 972. Disclosures regarding chairman and CEO structures.

Subtitle H—Municipal Securities

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 975. Regulation of municipal securities and changes to the board of the MSRB.

Sec. 976. Government Accountability Office study of increased disclosure to investors.

Sec. 977. Government Accountability Office study on the municipal securities markets.

Sec. 978. Funding for Governmental Accounting Standards Board.

Sec. 979. Commission Office of Municipal Securities.

Subtitle I—Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, Portfolio Margining, and Other Matters

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 981. Authority to share certain information with foreign authorities.

Sec. 982. Oversight of brokers and dealers.

Sec. 983. Portfolio margining.

Sec. 984. Loan or borrowing of securities.

Sec. 985. Technical corrections to Federal securities laws.

Sec. 986. Conforming amendments relating to repeal of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935.

Sec. 987. Amendment to definition of material loss and nonmaterial losses to the Deposit Insurance Fund for purposes of Inspector General reviews.

Sec. 988. Amendment to definition of material loss and nonmaterial losses to the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund for purposes of Inspector General reviews.

Sec. 989. Government Accountability Office study on proprietary trading.

Sec. 989A. Senior investor protections.

Sec. 989B. Designated Federal entity inspectors general independence.

Sec. 989C. Strengthening Inspector General accountability.

Sec. 989D. Removal of Inspectors General of designated Federal entities.

Sec. 989E. Additional oversight of financial regulatory system.

Sec. 989F. GAO study of person to person lending.

Sec. 989G. Exemption for nonaccelerated filers.

Sec. 989H. Corrective responses by heads of certain establishments to deficiencies identified by Inspectors General.

Sec. 989I. GAO study regarding exemption for smaller issuers.

Sec. 989J. Further promoting the adoption of the NAIC Model Regulations that enhance protection of seniors and other consumers.

Subtitle J—Securities and Exchange Commission Match Funding

Sec. 991. Securities and Exchange Commission match funding.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 1001. Short title.

Sec. 1002. Definitions.

Subtitle A—Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection

Sec. 1011. Establishment of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.

Sec. 1012. Executive and administrative powers.

Sec. 1013. Administration.

Sec. 1014. Consumer Advisory Board.

Sec. 1015. Coordination.

Sec. 1016. Appearances before and reports to Congress.

Sec. 1017. Funding; penalties and fines.

Sec. 1018. Effective date.

Subtitle B—General Powers of the Bureau

Sec. 1021. Purpose, objectives, and functions.

Sec. 1022. Rulemaking authority.

Sec. 1023. Review of Bureau regulations.

Sec. 1024. Supervision of nondepository covered persons.

Sec. 1025. Supervision of very large banks, savings associations, and credit unions.

Sec. 1026. Other banks, savings associations, and credit unions.

Sec. 1027. Limitations on authorities of the Bureau; preservation of authorities.

Sec. 1028. Authority to restrict mandatory pre-dispute arbitration.

Sec. 1029. Exclusion for auto dealers.

Sec. 1029A. Effective date.

Subtitle C—Specific Bureau Authorities

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 1031. Prohibiting unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices.

Sec. 1032. Disclosures.

Sec. 1033. Consumer rights to access information.

Sec. 1034. Response to consumer complaints and inquiries.

Sec. 1035. Private education loan ombudsman.

Sec. 1036. Prohibited acts.

Sec. 1037. Effective date.

Subtitle D—Preservation of State Law

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 1041. Relation to State law.

Sec. 1042. Preservation of enforcement powers of States.

Sec. 1043. Preservation of existing contracts.

Sec. 1044. State law preemption standards for national banks and subsidiaries clarified.

Sec. 1045. Clarification of law applicable to nondepository institution subsidiaries.

Sec. 1046. State law preemption standards for Federal savings associations and subsidiaries clarified.

Sec. 1047. Visitorial standards for national banks and savings associations.

Sec. 1048. Effective date.

Subtitle E—Enforcement Powers

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 1051. Definitions.

Sec. 1052. Investigations and administrative discovery.

Sec. 1053. Hearings and adjudication proceedings.

Sec. 1054. Litigation authority.

Sec. 1055. Relief available.

Sec. 1056. Referrals for criminal proceedings.

Sec. 1057. Employee protection.

Sec. 1058. Effective date.

Subtitle F—Transfer of Functions and Personnel; Transitional Provisions

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 1061. Transfer of consumer financial protection functions.

Sec. 1062. Designated transfer date.

Sec. 1063. Savings provisions.

Sec. 1064. Transfer of certain personnel.

Sec. 1065. Incidental transfers.

Sec. 1066. Interim authority of the Secretary.

Sec. 1067. Transition oversight.

Subtitle G—Regulatory Improvements

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 1071. Small business data collection.

Sec. 1072. Assistance for economically vulnerable individuals and families.

Sec. 1073. Remittance transfers.

Sec. 1074. Department of the Treasury study on ending the conservatorship of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and reforming the housing finance system.

Sec. 1075. Reasonable fees and rules for payment card transactions.

Sec. 1076. Reverse mortgage study and regulations.

Sec. 1077. Report on private education loans and private educational lenders.

Sec. 1078. Study and report on credit scores.

Sec. 1079. Review, report, and program with respect to exchange facilitators.

Sec. 1079A. Financial fraud provisions.

Subtitle H—Conforming Amendments

Sec. 1081. Amendments to the Inspector General Act.

Sec. 1082. Amendments to the Privacy Act of 1974.

Sec. 1083. Amendments to the Alternative Mortgage Transaction Parity Act of 1982.

Sec. 1084. Amendments to the Electronic Fund Transfer Act.

Sec. 1085. Amendments to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

Sec. 1086. Amendments to the Expedited Funds Availability Act.

Sec. 1087. Amendments to the Fair Credit Billing Act.

Sec. 1088. Amendments to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003.

Sec. 1089. Amendments to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Sec. 1090. Amendments to the Federal Deposit Insurance Act.

Sec. 1091. Amendment to Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council Act of 1978.

Sec. 1092. Amendments to the Federal Trade Commission Act.

Sec. 1093. Amendments to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Sec. 1094. Amendments to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act of 1975.

Sec. 1095. Amendments to the Homeowners Protection Act of 1998.

Sec. 1096. Amendments to the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act of 1994.

Sec. 1097. Amendments to the Omnibus Appropriations Act, 2009.

Sec. 1098. Amendments to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974.

Sec. 1098A. Amendments to the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act.

Sec. 1099. Amendments to the Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978.

Sec. 1100. Amendments to the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008.

Sec. 1100A. Amendments to the Truth in Lending Act.

Sec. 1100B. Amendments to the Truth in Savings Act.

Sec. 1100C. Amendments to the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act.

Sec. 1100D. Amendments to the Paperwork Reduction Act.

Sec. 1100E. Adjustments for inflation in the Truth in Lending Act.

Sec. 1100F. Use of consumer reports.

Sec. 1100G. Small business fairness and regulatory transparency.

Sec. 1100H. Effective date.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 1101. Federal Reserve Act amendments on emergency lending authority.

Sec. 1102. Reviews of special Federal reserve credit facilities.

Sec. 1103. Public access to information.

Sec. 1104. Liquidity event determination.

Sec. 1105. Emergency financial stabilization.

Sec. 1106. Additional related amendments.

Sec. 1107. Federal Reserve Act amendments on Federal reserve bank governance.

Sec. 1108. Federal Reserve Act amendments on supervision and regulation policy.

Sec. 1109. GAO audit of the Federal Reserve facilities; publication of Board actions.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 1201. Short title.

Sec. 1202. Purpose.

Sec. 1203. Definitions.

Sec. 1204. Expanded access to mainstream financial institutions.

Sec. 1205. Low-cost alternatives to payday loans.

Sec. 1206. Grants to establish loan-loss reserve funds.

Sec. 1207. Procedural provisions.

Sec. 1208. Authorization of appropriations.

Sec. 1209. Regulations.

Sec. 1210. Evaluation and reports to Congress.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 1301. Short title.

Sec. 1302. Amendment to reduce TARP authorization.

Sec. 1303. Report.

Sec. 1304. Amendments to Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.

Sec. 1305. Federal Housing Finance Agency report.

Sec. 1306. Repayment of unobligated ARRA funds.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 1400. Short title; designation as enumerated consumer law.

Subtitle A—Residential Mortgage Loan Origination Standards

Sec. 1401. Definitions.

Sec. 1402. Residential mortgage loan origination.

Sec. 1403. Prohibition on steering incentives.

Sec. 1404. Liability.

Sec. 1405. Regulations.

Sec. 1406. Study of shared appreciation mortgages.

Subtitle B—Minimum Standards For Mortgages

Sec. 1411. Ability to repay.

Sec. 1412. Safe harbor and rebuttable presumption.

Sec. 1413. Defense to foreclosure.

Sec. 1414. Additional standards and requirements.

Sec. 1415. Rule of construction.

Sec. 1416. Amendments to civil liability provisions.

Sec. 1417. Lender rights in the context of borrower deception.

Sec. 1418. Six-month notice required before reset of hybrid adjustable rate mortgages.

Sec. 1419. Required disclosures.

Sec. 1420. Disclosures required in monthly statements for residential mortgage loans.

Sec. 1421. Report by the GAO.

Sec. 1422. State attorney general enforcement authority.

Subtitle C—High-Cost Mortgages

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 1431. Definitions relating to high-cost mortgages.

Sec. 1432. Amendments to existing requirements for certain mortgages.

Sec. 1433. Additional requirements for certain mortgages.

Subtitle D—Office of Housing Counseling

Sec. 1441. Short title.

Sec. 1442. Establishment of Office of Housing Counseling.

Sec. 1443. Counseling procedures.

Sec. 1444. Grants for housing counseling assistance.

Sec. 1445. Requirements to use HUD-certified counselors under HUD programs.

Sec. 1446. Study of defaults and foreclosures.

Sec. 1447. Default and foreclosure database.

Sec. 1448. Definitions for counseling-related programs.

Sec. 1449. Accountability and transparency for grant recipients.

Sec. 1450. Updating and simplification of mortgage information booklet.

Sec. 1451. Home inspection counseling.

Sec. 1452. Warnings to homeowners of foreclosure rescue scams.

Subtitle E—Mortgage Servicing

Sec. 1461. Escrow and impound accounts relating to certain consumer credit transactions.

Sec. 1462. Disclosure notice required for consumers who waive escrow services.

Sec. 1463. Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974 amendments.

Sec. 1464. Truth in Lending Act amendments.

Sec. 1465. Escrows included in repayment analysis.

Subtitle F—Appraisal Activities

Dodd Frank Act Sec. 1471. Property appraisal requirements.

Sec. 1472. Appraisal independence requirements.

Sec. 1473. Amendments relating to Appraisal Subcommittee of FFIEC, Appraiser Independence Monitoring, Approved Appraiser Education, Appraisal Management Companies, Appraiser Complaint Hotline, Automated Valuation Models, and Broker Price Opinions.

Sec. 1474. Equal Credit Opportunity Act amendment.

Sec. 1475. Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974 amendment relating to certain appraisal fees.

Sec. 1476. GAO study on the effectiveness and impact of various appraisal methods, valuation models and distributions channels, and on the Home Valuation Code of conduct and the Appraisal Subcommittee.

Subtitle G—Mortgage Resolution and Modification

Sec. 1481. Multifamily mortgage resolution program.

Sec. 1482. Home Affordable Modification Program guidelines.

Sec. 1483. Public availability of information of Making Home Affordable Program.

Sec. 1484. Protecting tenants at foreclosure extension and clarification.

Subtitle H—Miscellaneous Provisions

Sec. 1491. Sense of Congress regarding the importance of government-sponsored enterprises reform to enhance the protection, limitation, and regulation of the terms of residential mortgage credit.

Sec. 1492. GAO study report on government efforts to combat mortgage foreclosure rescue scams and loan modification fraud.

Sec. 1493. Reporting of mortgage data by State.

Sec. 1494. Study of effect of drywall presence on foreclosures.

Sec. 1495. Definition.

Sec. 1496. Emergency mortgage relief.

Sec. 1497. Additional assistance for Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

Sec. 1498. Legal assistance for foreclosure-related issues.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 1501. Restrictions on use of United States funds for foreign governments; protection of American taxpayers.

Sec. 1502. Conflict minerals.

Sec. 1503. Reporting requirements regarding coal or other mine safety.

Sec. 1504. Disclosure of payments by resource extraction issuers.

Sec. 1505. Study by the Comptroller General.

Sec. 1506. Study on core deposits and brokered deposits.


Dodd Frank Act Sec. 1601. Certain swaps, etc., not treated as section 1256 contracts.

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